Get to Know Your Orange Girl!

From her fire twirling on the quad to her fancy footwork on the field, Orange Girl Meghan Sinisi captures the hearts of Syracuse fans young and old! Members of the social media team were able to snag an interview with the Orange Girl herself. Here’s your chance to get to know Meghan, right here on the SUMBlog!

orangegirlName: Meghan Sinisi
Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders (College of Arts and Sciences)
Year: Junior
Hometown: Altoona, PA

How did you get started twirling?

I started twirling at 3 years old when my mom’s childhood baton coach moved back to Altoona. My mom sparked my interest in the sport, but over the years it has become something that has grown to be a part of who I am. I thank her every day for pushing me to get to where I am today!

What drew you to Syracuse?

Initially, I searched for colleges that would have an opening for a feature twirler in the Fall of 2013. I came across a YouTube video of Ashley Andrew, the former OG, and realized the timing would be perfect. After considering the caliber of academic excellence at SU, it became even more clear that Syracuse was where I wanted to go to school. It was my number one choice.

What’s your favorite thing about the SUMB?

I absolutely love the diversity of our marching band. It’s kind of a blessing in disguise to be your own “section” because I’ve seemed to be able make a connection with all the sections in the band, even though I don’t play an instrument. It’s really a special and exhilarating emotion when we all run out together for pregame at every football game, because that’s when everything comes together that we’ve all worked so hard on. That’s probably my favorite part.

What other organizations are you a part of on campus?

I’m a sister of the Phi Sigma Sigma sorority, a member of the Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society and National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and a partner in the Peer2Peer program for disabilities.

What do you like to do outside of band?

I really like to just enjoy any free time that I can take advantage of outside of school, work, and band!  Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal are favorites of mine and naps are great too!

You have recently been involved with the Miss America Organization. Can you tell us more about that?

In the spring of 2015 I was Crowned Miss Liberty 2015 which is a local title that qualified me for the Miss New York competition in June 2015. at Miss New York, I was the non finalist talent award recipient. I still hold my title as Miss Liberty, but on November 8th I will be competing for the local title of Miss Syracuse 2016! The Miss America Organization requires each contestant to choose a platform to promote, and I chose to advocate for autism. My platform is called, “Different Pieces to the Same Puzzle: Raising Autism Awareness” and I really try to focus on inspiring acceptance for autism and personally working with families who are affected by it. My goal is to one day be crowned Miss New York and represent the state at the Miss America competition!

Orange Central 2015

The Pride is ready to welcome SU alumni back to their Syracuse home! The SUMB will be taking an active part in this weekend’s Orange Central festivities. After their regular game day rehearsal, members past and present will get the opportunity to mingle as the Pride hosts an SUMB alumni breakfast.  Next, join the Pride on the SU quad for their game day quad show starting at 10:05 am! In a day overflowing with Orange pride, head over to the Carrier Dome to see the band’s pre-game performance and watch as Syracuse Orange takes on the Pittsburgh Panthers. During halftime, join the Pride for the Orange Girl Legacy Celebration, featuring 9 Orange Girls and over 30 years of twirling. Get excited for the release of the Pride’s newest halftime show. Get a sneak peak of the marvel-ous show right here!

Special thanks to Kevin Varga, Ryan Kramer, and Tina Mastrull for their contributions.

Do you remember the SUMB’s September?

For members of the Pride, the first month of school was filled with nonstop action! The season began with four back to back home games. Each weekend in September, the SUMB performed on the university quad, a pregame show, and a halftime show. The band was even able to celebrate three wins by playing in Varsity after the games!


Through the hard work of both members and staff, the Pride was able to put on a series of spectacular halftime shows. Each week, the SUMB put on a different show, featuring new music and field formations. This September’s theme? Funk! The band performed a variety of funk music, ranging from Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September” to Rick James’ “Superfreak.” There was even a choreographed dance section in the Pride’s rendition of “Uptown Funk!”


In addition to their work on the football field, the Pride participated in many other outside events. On Sunday, October 4th, members of the Pride cheered for Syracuse’s Field Hockey team. The band even played a special event at Chancellor Syverud’s house!

On September 14th, Syracuse University and the Pride of the Orange welcomed a special guest into the Dome. The Lord Mayor of Westminster visited presented the band with a formal invitation to perform at the 2016-2017 London New Years Day Parade! This is an incredible opportunity for members of the Pride. We look forward to providing more information as the year progresses!12032043_888575237886303_5461964151961085888_n

After an eventful, action-packed month, the Pride is still hard at working preparing their next show! Get your capes ready, it’s going to be a Marvel-ous show!


Look for the Pride! You can see us Friday, October 9 at the Volleyball game or October 31 as the Pride cheers on SU’s Women’s Soccer team. Following Syracuse football to their game against the Virginia Cavaliers? So is the Pride! Help us cheer on the Orange at a pre-game tailgate as well as in the stands.

SUMBand Camp: Live!

IMG_5404Coming to you live from the Carrier Dome, it’s the 2015 SUMB! With one day of band camp left, the Pride is preparing for a day of performances during Syracuse University’s Welcome Weekend. The Pride will be participating in events such as New Student Convocation and the annual Home to the Dome.

Through the action-packed, music filled, 12 hour days, members of the Social Media team were able to meet up with some of the newest members of the SUMB. Hailing from as close to home as Camillus and as far as Leipzig, Germany, these new members are excited and proud to be a part of the band.

Friday, August 21 was the first day of band camp for rookie members in the winds and brass sections. As they bid farewell to their families and filed onto the field, rookies were met by the SUMB leadership on the turf. Alana Franceski, a freshman in the flute section, remarks that, “When we first got on the turf and saw the section leaders standing at parade rest, it was intimidating and amazing. I kind of got chill from the first call to attention.” As the Dome rang with shouts of “Pride!” the new members’ first SUMBand camp was officially underway. Franceski, who had never marched before this season, is excited to learn new things and travel with the band.11894539_879019822175178_5098691406325331553_o

Bridget Slomian and Dina-Marie Weineck, new additions to the clarinet section, are excited to see what the 2015 season holds. Slomian describes her first interactions with the SUMB as “very intense.” However, she is able to keep pace and is happily learning the music and moves that make the Pride pop. Weineck, a freshman student in the Bandier program, did not know what to expect, explaining “Germany has no marching bands. I was curious at how to make all the shapes. We just got the dot sheets and it worked!” For Weineck, the transition into band was immediate. The Carrier Dome was one of her first stops on campus! Weineck remarks on her first impression, saying “I came into the stadium and thought ‘Wow!’ It [the band] felt very inviting and I didn’t feel like a new member.”


The band has learned their pregame show, including the high intensity run-on sequence. Freshman sousaphone player Erik Whalen is enthusiastic. “Run-on pumps me up! It feels exciting!” he says with a smile. Run-on is not the only thing he’s excited for though. Erik was originally thrown off by new vocal commands. Now he loves to shout loud!

Drum major Maria Savannah agrees that the band is progressing at new speeds. In general, she sees a positive and great general attitude among the band. She notes that the band morale is up from previous years, saying the combined attitude of rookie and veteran members is creating a wonderful and productive environment.

The 2015 season of the Pride is looking bright! Make sure to come see all of their hard work at the first home football game on Friday, September 4 in the Carrier Dome as Syracuse takes on Rhode Island.


Our Fearless Leader

This time next week, the 2015 Section Leaders will be in the Dome preparing for an amazing band camp and an amazing season. Despite the hustle and bustle of preparing SU for the band, the social media team was able to get through to Mr. Mertz and ask him a few questions.
Name: Prof. Justin Mertz10678777_701251909951971_4020372420167516263_n
Year: Waaaay past that question, but this is my 11th year as Director of the Pride
Major: I am finishing my Doctor of Musical Arts in Music Education at Boston University
Hometown: Massapequa, NY
Position: Director
Favorite thing about marching band: Without question, it is the sense of purpose and community that builds in the SUMB every season.
Favorite activity outside of band: Video games!
Veteran tip for band camp/school: For band: be open-minded to new people and experiences.  If you do, you’ll be successful with the band stuff, and you’ll quickly become part of the community.  For school: manage your time.  Seriously, manage your time.  SUMB is a big time commitment, but it is more than feasible—in fact, you will do better than everyone else on campus—IF you manage your time proactively.  This means: get ahead on your work, don’t procrastinate, and get help when you don’t understand something.  If you do these things, you will not only do well, but you’ll have time left over for some fun.  Lastly, always do the reading.
What are you doing this summer? Working on my dissertation, preparing for the 2015 season of the Pride, hanging out with my wife, and playing video games (Witcher 3!).
What superpower do you wish you had and why? Flight.  Because flight.  Who wouldn’t want that?
How much do we have to pay you to eat a bowl of crickets? Wait, I could’ve gotten paid for that?!?!? (Kidding. It would have to be a lot; this is gross)
What would you put on your perfect pizza? This implies the existence of “imperfect pizza,” and I have no interest in living in a world that would allow such a thing to be.
What fictional world would you most like to live in? Without a doubt, on the Starship Enterprise.  Any version, except if I was serving with Captain Kirk I’d be sure not to wear a red shirt.
Where IS Waldo? In his dot on Chart 6 waiting for everyone else to get there so we can do the rep.
If you were a crayon, what color would you be? ORANGE.  Duh.
What would be written on your tombstone? Think.  Play.  Pants.

SocialUMediaB Team!!

So you’ve been following us throughout the summer. You’ve met each section leader, saw why YOU should join the SUMB, and are now hyped for the upcoming season. Now it’s time for moment you’ve all been waiting for…MEETING THE SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM! Get to know the 140 character masters of the twitter feed, the facebook status wizards, the bloggers extraordinaire! Presenting, on their SUMBlog debut, the 2015-2016 social media team!

Name: Lindsay Zerfaslindsay
Year: Sophomore
Major: Philosophy and Neuroscience double major!
Most used social media: Tie between Twitter and Instagram!
Which emoji(s) describes your life? 1f6481f6051f481270c
One social media thing you are excited for this year: The SUMB’s new Instagram profile
Subject of your most recent status update/tweet/instagram post: From Instagram: photos from my 3 week trip to Austria this summer!
Describe your life in 6 words: Social, Happy, Band, Motorsports, MinnesotaNice (I’m making it one word), Busy

Name: Nick TownsendNick
Year: Junior
Major: PR and IR
Most used social media: Snapchat
Which emoji describes your life? 1f483
One social media thing you are excited for this year: Seeing new rookies interact with us on social platforms
Subject of your most recent status update/tweet/instagram post: Sara Bareilles lyrics
Describe your life in 6 words: Music, Laughing, Friends, Learning, Smiling, Dreaming

Name: Micalys ReyesMica
Year: Sophomore
Major: Advertising and Psychology
Most used social media: Instagram
Which emoji describes your life? 1f60b
One social media thing you are excited for this year: I’m really excited to see how the new Snapchat works out during band camp and games. If you haven’t already, add Snapumb44 on Snapchat!
Subject of your most recent status update/tweet/instagram post: My cats, Ellie and Ciel
Describe your life in 6 words: Cats, Friends, Music, YouTube, Books, and Food.

Name: Sarah CraneSarah
Year: Sophomore
Major: Child and Family Studies
Most used social media: Twitter (and you should obviously follow me: @sarahcrane827)
Which emoji describes your life? 1f483
One social media thing you are excited for this year: Continuing to get current/past/future SUMB members involved with the SUMB on social media by using our cool new hashtag #NothinFiner!
Subject of your most recent status update/tweet/instagram post: “I tried to bring my dog on a romantic car ride and she threw up the entire time #whypoochwhy”
Describe your life in 6 words: No, I’m Sarah. Clare’s my sister. (This makes more sense if you know that I have a twin sister)

Name: Dreya Cherry1957977_10205284787263358_3491136384573214384_n
Year: Sophomore
Major: Music Industry and Music History and Cultures
Most used social media: Snapchat
Which emoji describes your life? 1f601
One social media thing you are excited for this year: We are trying a lot of new things with new approaches to handling the SUMB’s social media. I’m excited to see how that plays into the band atmosphere! Make sure you follow us on snapchat, instagram, and use #NothinFiner to stay in the Pride’s conversation!
Subject of your most recent status update/tweet/instagram post: My last tweet was about making a sandwich. More specifically, getting stuck with the end of the bread, which NO ONE likes.
Describe your life in 6 words: Bassoons aren’t the same as oboes.

Have any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions? Write to us at We’d love to hear from you!

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Meet the Low SUMBrass!

For our last (and lowest!) section leader spotlight, we turn to the low brass. This week we are featuring not one, but 3 different sections in the SUMB. Together, they help provide the bass sounds of the band. Check out our baritones, tuba, and trombone section leaders!


Name: Arman HussainArman_Hussain
Year: Old/2016
Major: Biochemistry (pre-med), music performance minor
Hometown: Arlington, VA
Position: Baritone Music Instructor
Favorite thing about marching band: The people that I’ve met.
Favorite activity outside of band: A capella in Orange Appeal or volunteering at Upstate.
Veteran tip for band camp/school: Get organized early, it’ll help you out in the long run.
What are you listening to this summer/favorite summer band?: I listen to Michael Buble regardless of the season. And Taylor Swift. And Kendrick.
Who’s your celebrity crush? Emma Watson. Next question.
What are you doing this summer?Watching Daredevil, Game of Thrones, and Bob’s Burgers. Also shadowing an endocrinologist, volunteering at the hospital, and checking things off my list of 137 things to do this summer. And eating. A lot.

Name: Shadman Mirza10927241_10204874563804667_4040573885876701341_o
Year: Junior
Major: Music Education with Cello Performance Honors
Hometown: Auburn, New York
Position: Baritone Section Leader
Favorite thing about band: As a music major who dwells inside Crouse College way more than I’d care to admit, it’s a really easy way to meet people outside of the music school. It’s one of the most diverse organizations on campus.
Favorite activity outside of band: Learning to play new music well
Veteran tip for band camp/school: Avoid overloading yourself. It’s very easy to do, and very hard to recover from. Take your first semester easy, and add more classes or activities once you know you’ve hit your stride.
What’s your spirit animal? Squirrel (I feel a deep connection to Hammy from the movie Over the Hedge)
How much do we have to pay you to eat a bowl of crickets? Are they seasoned?
What would be written on your tombstone?
Shadman Mirza
Hey Starbucks,
this is how you spell my name


Name: Shaun Kinney10342805_10202348858596584_5732493516560775248_n
Year: Senior
Major: Music Industry
Hometown: Mexico NY
Position: Music Instructor of the tuba section
Favorite thing about marching band: The tuba
Favorite activity outside of band: The tuba
Veteran tip for band camp/school: Get ready for cold and wind!
If you could have dinner with any person, living or dead, who would it be? I would love to have dinner with either Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, or Gene Kelly. Any of those would do.
What’s your dream job? A pretty awesome dream job would to be working in a recording studio in Nashville. I’d like to spend some time down there if possible.

Name: Maddie Smithgall603721_10204440611440339_3994645709988912951_n
Year: Senior
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Wexford, PA
Position: Tuba Section Leader
Favorite thing about marching band: Making unforgettable memories with 150+ of my closest friends.
Favorite activity outside of band: Hanging out with my marching band friends on Kappa Corner.
Veteran tip for band camp/school: Be on time!
What are you listening to this summer? Favorite band of this summer: Those Walls! Check out their sister band, “These Walls” too!


Name: Ben Baker1465787_705865489490613_97121765223318800_o
Year: Junior
Major: Music Education
Position:  Trombone Music Instructor


Name: Nicole Gramlich
Year: Senior
Major: Child and Family Studies
Position: Trombone Section Leader