Why Does a Band Need a Blog?

Welcome one and all to the SUMBlog (clever, yes?), the official blog of The Pride of The Orange: The Syracuse University Marching Band!  Though it might seem odd for a college band to have a blog, there are a lot of good reasons for it.  Here, then, is all you need to know about the SUMBlog and what you as a band member, prospective band, member, alumnus, family member, or fan can expect, presented in FAQ format, because hey, it’s the Internet.

SUMBlog?  Why call it that?

For starters, it’s just too cute not to, and the director really enjoys this lame kind of humor.  Actually, it’s a very easy URL to remember.  In fact, you should bookmark it or add it to your RSS reader now.

What will be on the SUMBlog?

All manner of things, really.  Check About the SUMB on the banner to learn some basics about the SUMB.  Learn about the director here.  If you want to know when and where you can catch the SUMB both at the Dome and elsewhere you can check here.  The main body of SUMBlog will feature entries from the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of the SUMB.  Posts will range from the functional (announcements, reminders, etc.), to the more personal, such as perspectives from band members of all ages and roles to give a glimpse into the vibrant, eclectic, and wonderful community that is the SUMB.  Once things get rolling we hope for at least a few new posts each week.

The SUMB is on Twitter?

Indeed it is!  The official Twitter feed of the SUMB is SU_MarchingBand (oddly enough, “SUMB” was already taken).  Follow us now!  The Twitter feed will have up-to-the-minute information about the SUMB (especially announcements for members) and it will announce new blog posts when they are posted.

Can I comment on blog posts?

Sure, but SUMB members should keep in mind that our code of conduct while in uniform will apply to the comments on SUMBlog.  Any inappropriate material will not even make it to the page, and if it does, it will be deleted immediately.

I’m a member of the SUMB, alumnus of the SUMB, or a family member of someone in the SUMB and I want to write something for SUMBlog.  How can I do that?

Great!  Contact Prof. Mertz.

I have a suggestion or a deeply felt grievance about the SUMBlog.  Who can I tell?

Great!  Contact Prof. Mertz.

Why is all this even necessary?

The SUMB is one of the finest performing ensembles on the SU campus and in the region.  Its members are a diverse group of committed young men and women and this is a chance to simultaneously give a new, deeper insight into the workings of this great college band and make its operations just a little bit more efficient.

The SUMB is great and I totally want to join when I get to SU.  How do I make that happen?

Contact Fran Moore, Administrative Assistant of SU Bands immediately either by clicking here or at (315) 443-2194.

What other musical offerings are available at SU?

Good question!  SU Bands has a website to help get you started.

Thanks for checking out the SUMBlog!  Be sure to check back for updates, pictures, and videos of the SUMB.  Go Orange!


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