ESM Exhibition Extravaganza!

This Saturday, September, 11, the SUMB will hit the road and head over to East Syracuse-Minoa High School to perform a short exhibition at their annual band competition.  The competition is a part of the New York State Field Band Conference and will feature many of the bands in the Central New York area.  The SUMB takes the field at 8:45.  Check us out!

For those readers who are in the band, here is the schedule of the evening:

7:00 pm:

Load buses outside of Dome, Depart immediately, arrive between 7:45 and 8:00


Section warm ups


Full band warm up


Take the field!

Run On – FanfareEat ‘Em Up – Fight Song/Down the FieldNY Medley

Drum cadence/March to first set of In The Stone

Earth Wind & Fire Show

Approximately 9:30:

Load buses and return to Dome

Remember that attire for the event is full uniform, including shakos and gloves.  See you then!


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