SUMBowl – What to Wear?

To all SUMB members:

We hope your finals and everything are going well.  We are making good progress toward finishing the details of the trip, and I wanted to give you a heads up for what you will want to bring with you in terms of your sartorial needs.

As many of you have remarked, this Bowl is outside.  In New York.  In December.  Now, NYC is thankfully not nearly as cold as Syracuse at this time of year, but it isn’t exactly tropical either.  In terms of the game day, here’s what you can do to make yourself more comfortable:

– Wear many thin layers (better than one or two thick ones) under your uniform
– Wear two (or three?) pairs of white socks instead of one

We will provide you with a very cool navy blue knit skullcap (embroidered with “SUMB”; we’re calling it SUMHat) to wear under your shakos as well as in the stands.  This will help keep your ears warm as you won’t ever need to take it off!  Bring your SUMB caps with you just in case you get warm and want to take it off during the game.

Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma, at considerable expense, have purchased enough hand warmers for you all to get two pairs.  We will give those out to you the day of the game; they will make a big difference in keeping you warm, and you should not hesitate to use them.  Many thanks to the brothers and sisters for this.

The day before the game, on the 29th, we are practicing (times are yet to be set, but it will be for at least a few hours, broken up).  These practices will be outdoors.  The same advice as above applies, but remember that you do need to move and we will be doing run-on at these practices.  Since we aren’t wearing uniforms, you can wear whatever you need to be warm; again, remember that you will be expected to move and play (and move and play *well*).  If you dress in layers, you can shed some as you warm up.

As for dress otherwise, remember that the SUMB “dresses to travel”.  This means that we wear business attire when we arrive at and (usually) leave the Bowl site.  Therefore, when you get on your bus, plane, or in your your car on the 28th to show up at the hotel, you will arrive in said business attire.  This means:

– Men: Jackets and ties, no jeans or sneakers.
– Women: No jeans or sneakers; if you choose to wear a dress or skirt please keep good taste in mind.

The good news is that you can stay in these outfits that day because it looks like the band banquet will be on the evening of the 28th.  After the Bowl on the 30th, we will return to the hotel you will change out of your uniform there.  Given that this will be hectic you can wear whatever at this time.

Any other time, you can wear whatever you want; SU and SUMB apparel is always encouraged unless you’re going to act dumb.

That’s all for now; stay tuned for more specific travel itineraries soon.  Things are coming together nicely!


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