A couple of follow-ups and reminders from the Spring newsletter:

– Leadership and Drum Major applications are due this Friday at 5pm.  None will be accepted late!  be sure to sign up for an interview time outside the Band office (402 Crouse College).  Drum Major Candidates will receive their packets with all scores/info at about 5:15pm that day; we’ll leave them on the table outside the office.

– The Drumline “Tune-Up” practice will be on Friday, April 15, from 5:30-7:30pm.  We are still working on a location.  This practice is for you to dust-off the parts of your brain that play marching percussion, and perhaps more importantly, get a chance to get some reps/instruction on any new instruments you’d like to try out for in the summer.  Lastly, it’s a chance for you to do some playing so that you don’t go from November to August without playing.  Be sure to attend!

– Everyone should plan on attending the Spring Scrimmage on Saturday, April 16 at 1pm (we’ll let you know if the time changes).  This year, we’re adding a new component to the Drum Major auditions that involves SUMB member feedback.  You’ll be asked to evaluate each candidate on their musicianship, presence, and perceived  comfort with football.  You’ll then be asked to list your top 5 candidates.  You won’t be “voting for the Drum Major”, but your feedback will go into the overall selection process.  Remember that all Leadership candidates are required to attend.

– Please remember to fill out a Returning Vet form by Friday.  It makes Fran’s life much easier if you do it sooner than later, even if you aren’t coming back (and that is very sad).

That’s all for now, we hope things are going well!


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