Congratulations to the 2011 SUMB Leadership!

Many congratulations to the 2011 Leadership of the SUMB.  This was an incredible year for leadership selection and Drum Major auditions: there was overwhelming interest (15 candidates from the trumpet section alone!) and the quality of the application materials was simply staggering.  Everyone who tried out should be proud, regardless of the outcome.

2011 SUMB Leadership

Drum Majors

Sam Brickfield (Senior Drum Major)
Samantha Baldwin
John Hylkema


Carina Gutjahr (Music Instructor)
Erica Hughes
Liz DiFabio


Ashley Nichols (Music Instructor)
Kyle Rubin
Dana Jaskier
Rhaiana Campbell

Alto Sax

Jordan Campo (Music Instructor)
Derek Tefft
Jeff Barrett

Tenor Sax

Juli Mateyko (Music Instructor)
Kayla Walsh


Jackie Feibus (Music Instructor)
Kevin Stouffer
Hannah Gorton


Taylor Freitas (Music Instructor)
Geoff Sheldon (Music Instructor)
Ross Hecht
Jason Kammerer
Maggie Swartout


Jon Gesicki (Music Instructor)
Donal Erickson
Adam Brooks


Ashley Orifice (Music Instructor)
Tracy Isman


Rachel Quam (Music Instructor)
Kristy Glaser


Sean Barry
Gerard Hugel
Michele Mitchell
Nicole Drasin
Jen Ortiz
Mike Passalacqua

Color Guard

Elizabeth McClain
Ashley Zanitto-White


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