Updated 2011 SUMB Event/Performance Schedule

Hi everyone,

For your planning purposes, here is the latest version of the 2011 SUMB Performance/Event Schedule.  Things are still in a little bit of flux with the football schedule, but I feel confident enough to list these dates for your planning purposes.  Once mid-June rolls around, this schedule will be “locked down” and we’ll only make changes under extremely extenuating circumstances.  Also, the dates for band camp are slightly different (due to an early first game band camp is two days longer).

Band Camp:

Staff/Drum Major Arrival: Monday, August 15
Leadership/Drumline Arrival: Wednesday, August 17
Rookie Arrival: Friday, August 19
Vets Arrival: Saturday, August 20

*If you’re a vet living on South Campus next year, please email Fran at fmmoore@syr.edu to let her know this.

In-Season (some events have notes, see below):

Sat. 9/3: Home Football vs. Wake Forest (1)
Sat. 9/10: Home Football vs. URI
Sat. 9/17: Exhibition at Baldwinsville High School (2)
Sat. 9/24: Home Football vs. Toledo
Sat. 10/1: Home Football vs. Rutgers
Fri 10/21: Home Football vs. WVU, 8pm (3)
Sun 10/30: Exhibition at NYS Field Band Championships (4)
Fri 11/11: Home Football vs. USF (5)
Sun 10/13: Recording Session in Goldstein Auditorium (6)
Sat 11/26: Home Football vs. Cincinnati (7)
TBD: SUMBowl (8)


1.  This game MIGHT change to Sunday 9/4 but this will depend upon the NFL and TV networks.
2.  This will be at night for just a couple of hours; there will NOT be a Friday night or Saturday morning practice before this performance.
3.  Friday night football!  There will NOT be a morning dress rehearsal for this game.
4.  This will be at night, your report time is not yet set but it will not be earlier that 7:30pm.  There WILL be a Friday night rehearsal before this performance.
5.  Friday night football (redux)!  There will NOT be a morning dress rehearsal for this game.
6.  We will wait to set the time for this until the SU Basketball schedule is released, but it will be a 5 to 6 hour block of time (with lots of breaks, don’t worry).  We will be recording all of our traditional Quad, stands, and section tunes.
7.  This is after Thanksgiving, but you will now have the entire week off before the game; this is new.  We MIGHT have a rehearsal the Friday night before (you’ll need to be back anyway) but this won’t be set until the fall.
8.  Cross your fingers!

Please let us know if you have any questions; good luck on all of your finals, papers, projects, etc.

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