Leadership 2012


On Sunday, April 22, Professor Mertz announced the leadership line-up for the 2012 season at the annual spring pizza party outside Crouse College. This year we saw a lot of well-qualified candidates audition for drum major, section leader, and music director. As always, that did not make the decisions easy, and we want to thank all candidates who auditioned.

Below is the list of this season’s leadership. Start getting excited for the fall because it is shaping up to be yet another amazing season for the SUMB.

Drum Major
Patrick Garcia
Jason Kammerer
David Swenton

Liz Difabio
Carina Gutjahr – MI
Erica Hughes

Elizabeth Evans
Kacie Flynn
Ashley Nichols – MI
Kyle Rubin

Alto Sax
Jeff Barrett
Jordan Campo – MI
David Fagan

Tenor Sax
Juli Mateyko – MI
Meredith Rice

Bailey Normann – MI
Kevin Stouffer
Anthony Walker

Philomena Duffy – MI
Kevin O’Keefe
Meghan O’Keefe
Maggie Swartout – MI
Ariana Walker

Tom Buswell
Kirstin McAvoy
Joe Schell – MI

Ashley Orifice
Anthony Viega – MI

Morgan Edwards – MI
Callum McMillan

Color Guard
Connorlynn Gaffney
Ashley Zannitto-White

Sean Barry
Jared Bloch
Michael Ahearn
Nick Valinski


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