“The defining experience of your college career”

A message from 2012 SUMB Drum Major Patrick Garcia:

Hi Members of the 2012 SUMB!

I’ll keep this short and sweet because undoubtedly there are pools, vacations, or unpracticed instruments calling your name. It’s almost that time of year again, when we come together after a hiatus, when we welcome new members among our ranks, when we have an entire season ahead of us… BAND CAMP! Once there, it’s time we start bringing our “A” game, to show all of the fans, students, and rival schools how much we, as an organization, love and cherish everything Orange.

My message to Rookies and Vets is the same: the SUMB has the potential to be the defining experience of your college career. But it won’t come easily. If we as a team put in the effort and attitude necessary, we can form not only a great band, but also a great group of people. I’m already getting excited! Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer, it’ll fly by before you know it!

Go Orange!
Patrick Garcia


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