2012 Season Officially Underway!

Returning vet? Prospective rookie?

Whether you’ve been dreaming about being in the SUMB for years, you’re a veteran looking forward to your next season, or you’re just interested in getting more information – here it is! The 2012 Orange Peel is out, with all the information you could want about the upcoming band season. It also contains all the forms you need to return in order to confirm your membership for the 2012 season.

Look for your copy of the 2012 Peel soon by e-mail or snail mail or download a copy by clicking the picture below.

Remember, all SU, ESF, Le Moyne, and OCC students with high school playing experience are welcome to join the SUMB! If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone about how to get involved, feel free to contact the band office.

Dates to remember:

Friday, June 29th – all members, veteran or rookie, need to have their confirmation form postmarked by this date in order to guarantee their spot in the 2012 SUMB

Wednesday, August 15th – first day of band camp for Drumline and Colorguard rookies!

Friday, August 17th – first day of band camp for Woodwind and Brass rookies!

Saturday, August 18th – first day of band camp for all Vets!


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