Who is Harry L. Dinkle?

After being in any type of marching band for a while, you start to pick up the lingo.

“Kyle bent my chicken!”
“Arc it up.”
“Someone has their cranky pants on.”

You don’t ask questions. You accept the slang and learn to use it so you sound like you know what you’re talking about. But some of the things we say have a cool story behind them, like our beloved and fashionable footwear, the Dinkle.

So who is Harry L. Dinkle? He’s the world’s greatest band director (sorry Prof Mertz), and the inspiration for the name of Up-Front Footwear’s Dinkles Marching Band Shoes.

Harry comes from the imagination of cartoonist Tom Batiuk, creator of the comic strip “Funky Winkerbean.” One night, when brainstorming for a back-to-high-school strip, Batiuk’s mind wandered to his memories of high school marching band (he played trombone), and the idea for a new character, Harry L. Dinkle, made it into his notes. After being published, Harry’s fan base started growing quickly. He was given honorary inductions into state band organizations and Batiuk starting receiving invitations to speak at band banquets.

Today, Harry gives his face and name to Dinkles Marching Band Shoes and is in the everyday vocabulary of marching band students and staff across the country. Click here to read more about Harry L. Dinkle and for information about Batiuk’s “Funky Winkerbean” book dedicated to Harry and the band.

Sources: Wikipedia – Funky Winkerbean, Dinkles.com, Meet Dr. Harry Dinkle, Meet Tom Batiuk


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