Season Preview: Battle in the Apple

(Although we prefer oranges)

In September, Syracuse will be heading to the city for a game against Southern California. Get ready to get loud because our orangemen are going to need all the support we can muster! The members of the SUMB will be traveling to MetLife Stadium to fill the arena with the sight and sound of our famously New York-themed pregame show. We’re also in the process of updating our stand music to help get our fans pumped for a win!

Not a member of the SUMB? That does make us sad, but you can still watch the game from near or far! Tickets are on sale to come cheer on the Orange ( and ABC will be nationally broadcasting the game. If you’re a season ticket holder, you’ll have the option of adding a ticket for this game at a special price. So wherever you may be on that Saturday in September, throw on an orange t-shirt and tune in to watch the SUMB (and maybe some football)!

Sources: NY’s College Classic Selected for ABC,


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