SUMBio: Brendan Welch

Name: Brendan Welch

Major: Television, radio and film/ Religion

Hometown: East Lyme, Connecticut

Instrument: Mellophone (maybe trombone this season)

Year: Senior (3rd year in band)

Other things I do on campus: Kappa Kappa Psi (the national honorary band fraternity), Sour Sitrus Society

How I became involved with the SUMB: I saw the SUMB perform my freshman year and immediately started kicking myself for not joining. I had marched two seasons of DCI and thought college band was beneath me – I was wrong. I then randomly became friends with some guys from band that lived in my dorm and joined Sitrus, where I immediately felt at home. I knew the SUMB would be the place for me, and it has been the defining experience of my college career.

Favorite memory: Pretty much everything from my rookie year, the mellophone section was so much fun that season, and the Pinstripe Bowl was icing on the cake.

Brendan rocking out in the end zone with Otto!

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