SUMBio: Bailey Normann

Hey there!

My name is Bailey Normann, and I am a sophomore television, radio, and film student. I was born and raised in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania and graduated from East Stroudsburg High School South.

To begin, I can tell you straight off that I was not a huge fan of marching band in high school. When I decided to come to SU, I was not looking forward to continuing my marching band career. However, I was finally convinced by my parents to join. Being somewhat of a homebody in high school, my parents were concerned about how I would adjust to being away from home for the first time. To be completely honest, I was also terrified about leaving home and had to agree that joining the marching band would be a good way for me to adjust more smoothly to college life. This could not have been any more of an understatement.

On the first day of band camp, I immediately sensed a feeling of community and family among the entire SUMB and already felt like I belonged to it. Getting to know my section and forming unbelievably strong bonds with other rookies was what defined my first semester of college. I amazed both myself and my parents with how well and how quickly I adjusted to the college life style and can say with complete honesty that it was one of the happiest times of my life. Although I have only been a member for one season, I know that the friendships I am making now will definitely be lifelong.

However, marching band not only made my first semester of college worthwhile, it also greatly influenced who I was after the season ended. During the second semester I joined Sour Sitrus Society, the University’s pep band, for the basketball season. It was such an amazing experience, especially getting courtside seats for free! We had an incredible basketball season last year and I was unbelievably lucky to have gotten this experience as a freshman. I even traveled to the Women’s Big East Tournament in Hartford, Connecticut! Something I also experienced my second semester was going through the membership process for becoming a sister of Tau Beta Sigma, the national honorary band sorority. I knew right when I started marching band that I wanted to be able to serve the bands further and help promote the band on campus. With my sisters of Tau Beta Sigma and the brothers of Kappa Kappa Psi, I have found some of my greatest friends, and we work together to make the SUMB truly the “Pride of the Orange.”

Although I have only been through one season as a member of the SUMB, you can see how much it has already positively influenced my life. As a sophomore, I am extremely excited to return for my second season not only as a Vet, but also as a section leader. So, if you are even remotely hesitant about becoming a member of the SUMB, I can say with total clarity and experience that you will never regret joining. And although it’s cliché, joining the SUMB was the most important and influential decision I made my freshman year.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in August!



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