SUMBio: Jordan Campo

Greetings Orangmen and Orangewomen,

My name is Jordan Campo, and I’m a senior, native to Schenectady, NY. This will be my fourth year with the SUMB, and my second as the alto sax music instructor (huzzah!). If you’re looking for some facts about me, here are some: this summer I’m an intern for PBS, I get overly defensive when someone doesn’t think “Lost” is the greatest show of all time, and my ideal major would be Reality Television Studies with a minor in Baking Cookies.

The overall experience of being a member of the SUMB is incredibly valuable to me. I’ve made friends, seen some awesome games, and learned the “Thriller” dance, which I view as being a crucial life skill. But the most significant parts of being in the Pride come to me in small moments. Like meeting cheers from strangers as we exited Yankees Stadium in uniform after winning the Pinstripe Bowl, dancing on tables with my section at The Varsity following a particularly awesome win, or former SU coach Dick MacPherson bestowing sagely advice upon the altos before a quad show.

My all-time favorite SUMB memory occurred on the sidelines of the field where we waited for the second quarter to end and our halftime show to start. A member of the opposing team took a flying leap towards us, almost hitting me and a few other band members. As we jumped out of the way, we heard a spirited member of the student section yell, “No! Don’t you dare touch these beautiful musicians!” There may or may not have been a few expletives that I chose to leave out, but that was the general idea. It was a hilarious moment that I look back on as being one of the more ridiculous, yet memorable, experiences I’ve had with the Pride. I always laugh thinking about that kid trying to defend us, even if he tried to steal our plumes after.

To our rookies–we’re excited to welcome you into our weird, endearing family. To the vets – I’m looking forward to another great and memorable year with you all.

There’s nothing finer in the land,
Jordan Campo


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