SUMBio: Rachel Dentinger

My name is Rachel Dentinger and I come from Clifton Park, NY.

In my area (518!), we really don’t have marching band, except for at the far edges. So, even though I was a band kid since fifth grade, I really only did ensembles like jazz band, wind ensemble, etc. I decided to go to school for music education – but as a vocalist. Subsequently, I was not required to join marching band. But I started making good friends who were instrumentalists in my program and they told me that marching band was a really fun thing to do. I was nervous – learning all of the music and formations seemed daunting. But I joined the SUMB in my junior year.

Being a rookie as a junior was certainly a unique experience. I got to see what the experience is like for incoming freshman while going through it with them. I really loved that. I loved seeing my friends lead the band as section leaders and drum majors and field assistants, and I really loved the amazing performances we all put on together. It has actually inspired a lot of my senior capstone, where I am experimenting with music and movement in a more lyrical sense.

I can’t wait to rejoin the SUMB for my senior year!


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