SUMBio: Connorlynn Gaffney

Name: Connorlynn Gaffney

Major: Environmental Studies at SUNY-ESF

Hometown: Camillus, New York

Instrument: Colorguard

Favorite Color: Blue!

Favorite Fish: Queen Angelfish

Around Syracuse: I am Vice President of Service for Tau Beta Sigma, the national honorary band sorority. I also spent last winter coaching the Liverpool cadet wintergaurd. I also have two jobs at the SUNY-ESF Copy Center and Forever21 .

How did I get involved in SUMB?: I have been in one form or another of Colorguard since 6th grade. I joined parade guard, then winterguard, then finally marching band too. My life revolved around it in middle school and high school. When I started looking at colleges one of the things that I was looking for alongside my major and a comfortable campus, was a guard. I knew that if I found a guard, I would be able to make it through anything college would throw at me.

My favorite part of show days is the quad show. We are up close and personal with people while performing. We can see them clearly, and they can see us. It’s things like the little old man who stood right in front of the guard at every game last year and I’m sure the year before that and the one before that and the one before that… It’s watching my mom actually learn the guard dances and do them in the crowd of people almost knocking some out in her enthusiasm. It’s singing the Alma mater of a school I don’t even attend but feel more connection with than my own, and it’s watching the alumni standing in the cold singing along with us.


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