Gaining Momentum

Yesterday was the first day of Leadership camp, and with all of our band staff and section leaders on campus now, it’s clear this is shaping up to be a great season for the SUMB. Everyone is excited to be back in the Dome and out on the quad, and we can’t wait for tomorrow and Saturday when we welcome all the rookies then veterans back as well!

Everyone has an exciting year ahead: freshmen are starting a new chapter of their lives; sophomores – you’re not freshmen anymore!; juniors are now upperclassmen; and seniors, we won’t talk about it, but you know. But before the school year begins, we have band camp! It’s our time to warm up our instruments for the season ahead, break out all our favorite band traditions, and get free stuff on the quad.

So leave your crankypants at home and get ready to “Get It On” because New York’s College Band is back.


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