Band camp: Day 1

Quad tunes? Check
Fight song? Check
Drill set for our first halftime show? Check
Drill set for the pregame S? Check
Run on? …we’re getting there

The 2012 SUMB is working harder than ever to get drill in our feet and music in our heads, and we’ve only had one day of full band rehearsal. With our first nationally broadcast performance less than two weeks away and our first performance for the class of 2016 on Thursday, we’re stepping up our game to achieve the level of musical and visual excellence our fans have come to expect from the band.

This year is the earliest we’ve ever set drill, and though they might still be in shock from everything they’ve learned so far, our rookies are putting in the work and showing us they have what it takes to be a member of the SUMB. For vets, we’ve been dusting off the cobwebs and bringing back the expertise and energy that keeps us going throughout the season.

For those of you who can hear us as you pass by the Dome, you’re welcome. And that’s just a small preview of what you’ll be hearing from the SUMB on the quad, in the stands, and on the field this fall.

Check back soon and on our Facebook page for pictures from band camp!


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