SUMBio: Dan Sclafani

Name: Daniel L. Sclafani
Major: Music Education
Hometown: Pallet Town, PA
Instrument: Alto Saxophone

Why I did band: Honestly, I wasn’t really planning on it for awhile. I was in marching band and it was a big deal for me, we were fairly competitive and was Drum Major three of four years. Yea man, it was pretty much what I thought about 24/7. I went hardcore with the whole marching band thing, as I’m sure a bunch of people do nowadays, yet I didn’t want to add anymore marching band other than those four years. I had grown tight with the members over the years, and doing band in college wouldn’t be the same experience…or so I told myself. Even though I had no intent to join marching band, and it didn’t really play into my decisions of where to go to school, that little voice of George N. Parks was nagging me. I remember he would say the same thing (when you’re at DMA for three years you start to notice how word-for-word everything gets) about kids who never do marching band in college vs. kids who do. So, hey, I put on that I would join the SUMB, and I gradually grew excited. Don’t know why but I just started getting hyped. And then the day came. The day came man, and it was intense. Sure things are different than how they were in the good ol’ HS days like how Generation V is different from Red and Blue (and Green) versions. But what’s most important in this event we call marching band is how much we can never stop growing as human beings. That’s exactly what never ceases when we commit our time to something so much bigger than we are… nothing truly ever ends does it?

Experiences with the SUMB: There’s a lot here, but if you’re still reading at this point, you’re not going to turn back now. I remember the sugar packets or whatever we call them (still don’t know some things yet). The first time was one of those WTF (am I allowed to say that? Wtf stands for water the flowers anyway) moments in my mind but like a lot of things, hey I’ll just go with it, man. Now, in late July, I miss it. Sounds dumb perhaps, but it’s something I can always think about, it was just intense, you know? All the huzzahs and what not add something to band; it just makes everything better. Halloween day, dress up like your favorite member day (I dressed as myself) etc. etc. All those different days where something is meant to happen, build up some excitement, and you learn to cherish them. The list can go on with little embellishments or blemishes (as I learned it’s the blemishes that stand out in your memory – Supernatural, season 5 ep. 22). They have the same properties, but what they are exactly is up to our individual discretion.

Other stuff I do on campus/Syracuse: I like to swim around Onondoga lake every morning to breathe in the nice fresh water. Drink it too! Cleaner than that Icelandic water I got for Christmas (seriously Icelandic water is the freshest water you can drink). Long walks on beaches as I slowly stroll feeling the nice ocean breeze and the waves caressing my legs, then hugging them suddenly. They disappear. I can then contemplate the quality of life in its nightmarish yet beautiful forms as I watch the pink clouds quietly dance around the sun’s shining beacon crawling back behind a horizon I cannot tell where it starts or ends…

Oh sorry, I was getting ahead of myself.

I also go on running adventures around the city with my good friend. Hardcore for miles at 2 in the morning (not actually joking about this…). Explore my favorite cave, Dragon’s Den… oh wait, that’s Blackthorn city. I also go to classes, and in my spare time I study for classes. And when I’m not studying or in class I like to practice in my spare time. And when I’m not studying or in class or practicing I like to go to the Carrier Dome for marching band practice/games. And when I’m not studying or in class or practicing or going to the Carrier Dome for marching band practice/games I like to go to lessons. And when I’m not studying or in class or practicing or going to the Carrier Dome for marching band practice/games or going to lessons…. what was I saying?

I am also involved in different band programs at SU, and last year I was Pit Manager with First Year Players where I was slave driven by Rachel Dentinger and John Hylk- I mean helped with logistics and got to play in the pit as well! They’re nice people I guess.

In addition to everything, if you haven’t noticed there are a lot of references to the Japanese anime/manga/gaming franchise Poke’mon. If you don’t understand those references, then as the cool folk say, “get on my level”. “brah”. I try never to say things like that but the occasion calls for it.

Favorite color: Syracuse Orange, what kind of question is that. (green)

Favorite show: Supernatural

Favorite Poke’mon: Dratini

Favorite SU Building: Crouse College, duh.

Favorite Book(s): Moby Dick, it’s a goddamn classic, Riders in the Chariot, LOTR obv.

“If any fool can make a rule, any fool can mind it”
-Henry David Thoreau

I honestly don’t know what else to say.
Cheers, Au Revoir, etc. Go Orange, 44, Go ‘Cuse, etc.


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