SUMBio: Maria Varonko

Hey SUMBlog readers!

My name is Maria Varonko and I am a member of the flute section. I’m a junior music education major originally from Duxbury, Massachusetts, and this year will be my second season with the SUMB. Although I play the flute in band, my main instrument is the viola, and I’m still a major orch dork at heart. Before last year I had never had any experience with marching band (or a wind instrument for that matter) and while being a part of the SUMB is a lot of work, the experience is well worth it.

When I’m not in band practice, I enjoy spending time with my friends and working with the other organizations I’m affiliated with on campus. I’m a sister of Sigma Alpha Iota, an international music fraternity, and this year I will be serving as chapter president. This year I will also serve as the president of the National Association for Music Education collegiate chapter at SU. I’m so lucky and proud to be a part of both organizations and to work with so many incredible people who strive to highlight music’s importance in society.

Joining the SUMB was a very new and different experience for me. My favorite memory was the first day of rookie camp when I got to witness a good number of my friends and peers teach marching band fundamentals as members of leadership. This made me realize how talented and passionate my peers really are. It also taught me how the band can be anything for any member. Whether you’re looking to shine as a member of leadership or looking just to be part of something that’s bigger than you, the band can do that for you. I’m very happy with my involvement with the SUMB and can’t wait for another season!

Go Orange!


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