Game Day: 9/8

Only five days after a trip to Canada, we will be loading up the buses again. The SUMB is traveling to MetLife Stadium on Saturday to support the Orange in our “home” game against USC! For fans, look for the game on ABC, or we hope to see you there in the stands. For members, below is our basic itinerary for the day. Check your email for a more detailed itinerary. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of your section leaders, Sam Baldwin, or the band office.

5:30am – Begin loading buses at stadium control

Approx 11:00am – Arrive at MetLife Stadium

Noon-1:30pm – Rehearsal in the stadium; pep rally following rehearsal

3:11pm – Pregame

3:30pm – Game begins!

Approx 1:30m – Arrive back at SU

Don’t forget!

– ALL parts of your uniform (pants, jacket, SUMB tshirt, dinkles, long white socks, gloves, shako/beret, cap)
– Instrument and all necessary accessories
– Flip folder for the stands
– Spirit for the Orange!

*It is required that you wear your SUMB tshirt; it serves as your credentials to get into MetLife Stadium.*


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