Get to Know Some SUMBeloved Veterans

Drum Major SUMBio: Meet Patrick!

Patrick Garcia

Name: Patrick Garcia

Year: junior

Major: music performance

What I do in the Band: I conduct the SUMB at all performances and work with the other section leaders to create the best band we can.

Favorite thing about the SUMB: It’s the community. I can confidently tell you now that I’ve made lifelong friends in this band. It’s really awesome to just make good music and spend some time with the people I love.

What I’m looking forward to this season: I’m really looking forward to the halftime show featuring the music of Justin Timberlake. It’ll be the first show in my college experience that I’ll get to do something really current. I’ll definitely let loose a little.

The Lowdown on Tina, Uniform Chair/ Section Leader Extraordinaire


Hey there, Orangeladies and Orangemen!

My name is Tina Mastrull, and I’m a junior Illustration major (with a minor in English and Textual Studies), native to Flemington, New Jersey. Though I’ve been in the SUMB for three years, this will be my first as a clarinet section leader as well as the band’s uniform chair; if you need help clasping your coat collar or straightening your shako, I’m your gal. Aside from the marching band, I play clarinet in the Sour Sitrus Society, serve as sister of Tau Beta Sigma (national band service sorority), and work as an illustrator for Jerk Magazine, office attendant for the School of Information Studies, and concert poster and program designer for Setnor School of Music. But if you’re more interested in the “off-the-résumé” facts about me, here are the essentials:

1) If I could be any cartoon character, it would be Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers.

2) I don’t consider myself a public performer, but if you put on Beyoncé’s “Love On Top,” you WILL get a show.

3) Anne Frank is my role model.

That being said, the SUMB is made up of many different personalities, interests and majors, which is why I enjoy it so much. In our band, you’ll find a group of individuals creating a ton of memories and submerging in tradition; we’re a family, and a large, weird, adorable one at that. I know my experiences with the SUMB will become my fondest memories, and I will go through life knowing the facts and the basics: I can properly run onto a football field, sing all the words to my University’s fight song and alma mater, and assure others that “head-banging” is never complete without a clarinet at hand. And in addition to all that, I can say the SUMB experience is valuable to me because I now have a group of friends who never fail to bring out the best in me.

I can’t say I have just one favorite memory of the Pride because from witnessing a Canadian football game to learning the “Gangnam Style” dance to freezing through an SU win in the Pinstripe Bowl, there are some ultimate gems. But I’m certainly looking forward to this coming season, seeing new faces embrace old traditions and old faces tackle new challenges. So to our rookies – Welcome to the family. You won’t regret it. And to our vets – Let’s show the ACC what we’ve got. There’s nothin’ finer in the land!

Yours Truly- Tina Mastrull

A Presidential SUMBio: Meet Ashley, Tau Beta Sigma President!

Name: Ashley Orifice

Ashley Orifice

Year: senior

Major: music education

Section: mellophone

Favorite thing about the SUMB: Being a member of the SUMB is so much more than being 1 of 200 people in a uniform on a field. It is just as much about friendships and experiences as it is about upholding the traditions of Syracuse University.

Favorite thing to do in band: quad show and march over.

Fun fact: I play trombone in the Sour Sitrus Society, and I am also the secretary of Sitrus.

What I’m looking forward to this season: our first season in the Dome as an ACC team, meeting the incoming freshmen and  all of the other exciting things the SUMB personally has in store for me this year, like joining the mellophone section.

A Bit About SUMB Sophomore, Arman Hussain

Arman HussainI’m Arman, section leader of the baritone section and also an equipment manager. I am a biochemistry major with a minor in Psychology and a  neuroscience ILM doing pre-med.

I am looking forward to coming into the SUMB in a completely different position than I had as a freshman. I’ve got more responsibilities now, with the section leader gig and being a Brother of Kappa…Kappa…Psi— but I’m feeling pumped, excited, etc. for the upcoming year. Etcetera? You’re damned right etcetera.

I’m excited to see how the transition into the ACC goes, and I’m even more excited about all the schoolwork I get to leave behind when the band travels. What’s my favorite thing about the SUMB though? That’d be  all the crazy stuff we do, like when we march over to the dome and each section does  their own quirky thing, or when we all did the Gangnam Style dance (which never showed up anywhere). More of that kind of fun awaits us, SUMB!

Go Orange. 44. Georgetown sucks.

-Arman Hussain


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