The SUMB is Going Places— Literally!


Amidst their flip books, lyres and other instrument supplies, the members of the Syracuse University Marching Band are now required to own a valid passport. Unlike The Pride of the Orange, most college bands rarely have the opportunity to take their performances on the road— never mind take them international. Although it’s only been a month since The Pride began its 2013 season, the band has already rocked New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium and the Percival Molson Stadium in Montreal, Canada.

On August 31, the SUMB cheered on the Syracuse Orange as it took on Penn State’s Nittany Lions in the first game of the football season. Alongside the band, thousands of other Orange fans showed their support for the team, including SU students who had flocked to MetLife Stadium by the busload.

After the SUMB premiered a shortened version of its first down cheer, fans excitedly began to chant the new cheer after every first down. Without hesitation, they clapped in time and screamed “S-Y-R-A-C-U-S-E, go!” Fans were also quick to learn the band’s new touchdown cheer. It features the climax of the SU fight song followed by a special message to the team: “We want MORE!”

In addition to those new cheers, Orange fans also grooved to the stands tunes The Pride added to its repertoire. The band covered hits like Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us,” Icona Pop’s “I Love It” and Justin Bieber’s “Beauty and a Beat.”

After the MetLife game, fans sang The Pride’s praises. In person and on social media, they showered the band with compliments galore. One SU senior, named Alex Brooks, tweeted the SUMB photos of its high energy tailgate performance and raved about how it “pumped up the #OrangeNation.”

When The Pride traveled to Montreal a week later, it was able to pump up Canadian football fans, too. After seeing the  SUMB perform at a Hamilton Ti-Cats game in 2012, the Montreal Alouettes invited the band to return to Canada for another game day performance.

Alouettes fans and fans of the opposing team, the Toronto Argonauts, went berserk during The Pride’s pregame show. They were not expecting 200 Orange men and women to swiftly run into the end zone, form a giant “S” and skillfully high march it 50 yards down the field.

During a halftime show featuring the music of  FUN., audience members rose to their feet and cheered at the top of their lungs. The sea of swaying fans sang and clapped along with the band as it played the song, “Tonight,” and formed the word, “FUN.,” on the field.

That is surely not a sight marching bands see every day, especially not when they perform during halftime. The members of the SUMB couldn’t be more thrilled to gain that kind of recognition from an international audience.

The excitement continues as the band gears up for another big trip this weekend! When the Buffalo Bills face the Baltimore Ravens Sunday, The Pride will make its NFL debut at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo, New York.


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