Our New Threads Have Arrived!

Weighing over a ton in total, the SUMB’s new uniforms just arrived at the Dome! Today they completed a 700-mile journey from Chicago, Illinois.

IMG_0375The Pride of the Orange recently finished fundraising a whopping $150,000 to cover the cost of the 300 uniforms it has purchased from DeMoulin Brothers and Co., the world’s largest manufacturer of music apparel. Last year, the band started a fundraising campaign called, “A New Look for a New Era.” It has since achieved its goal of creating a fresh look for the band in time for SU’s inaugural football season in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

The Pride gave its old set of well-worn uniforms a great send off Sunday. At a sold out Buffalo Bills game, band members wore the 15-year-old uniforms for the last time as they performed for a crowd of about 75,000. Former SU football coach and current Bills coach, Doug Marrone, facilitated what was obviously a big performance for the band. The SUMB has an even bigger performance in store homecoming weekend when it will debut its new uniforms at SU’s first ACC home game.


The SUMB uniform consists of 100% recycled materials and is completely American-made. It features navy blue pants, a matching shako and a top that is Cuse orange with navy trim. The word, “Syracuse,” is displayed across the chest, along with a block letter “S” on the back. The uniform complements the color guard’s stunning new outfit, which is navy blue with orange and white trim.

Members of The Pride were each measured for a custom fit uniform last spring. This week, they will be able to try them on. First, 40 special patches must be sewn onto randomly selected uniforms. Each donor who contributed more than $500 to The Pride’s uniform campaign will be recognized with a uniform patch that bears his or her name. Traci Washburn, who works in the VPA Development office, and her mother, Patricia, have already started sewing the donor patches onto the uniforms. They have graciously volunteered to complete this task in less than three days so that band members can pick up their uniforms on time! *


“A New Look for a New Era”  received its first donation from the Harry T. Mangurian Jr. Foundation. Alumnus, Terry M. Skuse (’75), was responsible for the foundation’s $75,000 challenge gift. Other large donations followed from Carol and Peter Maciulewicz; Diane and Peter Lynch (’74); and Mary Cotter (’69).  More were made by SU Trustees: Louise and Howard G. Phanstiel (‘70 and ’71); Vivian and John H. Chapple (’75); and Lauren B. Cramer (’94).

The Pride is lucky to have such wonderful friends of the band program. Before the Syracuse Orange takes on Clemson University at Saturday’s homecoming game, “A New Look For a New Era” donors will join the band for a special ceremony in the Dome, where they will be honored for their amazing generosity.

IMG_3812Over the years, The Pride of the Orange has proved that it is the real deal, a first class marching band that’s equated with “the authentic sound of college sports.” Finally, The Pride will have the chance to look the part.


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