Past, Present and Future Band Members: Take a Look at Where The Pride Has Been and What’s Next!

Aerial Shot of SUMB Super Bowl Pre-game Show

Now more than ever, heads are turning in the direction of The Pride. This has presented band members with some amazing performance opportunities in recent months. From performing for international audiences to the crowd at Super Bowl XLVIII, the SUMB’s last season has been one heck of a ride. With The Pride’s current track record, who knows what high-profile events the band will be asked to appear at next. One thing is for sure though: it’s an exciting time to be a member of The Pride of the Orange.

Where We’ve Been

Last season, The Pride flew to Houston to cheer on The Syracuse Orange in its Texas Bowl victory. It traveled to Montreal to make its third appearance in a Canadian Football League game, and it returned to New York City to perform as the house band of the Heisman Memorial Trophy Gala. At home in the Carrier Dome, the band had the chance to play alongside the world-famous Boston Brass. It also unveiled its classy, new set of uniforms at the Syracuse homecoming game. Culminating in the performance of a lifetime at the Super Bowl, The Pride’s last season was certainly a special one.

Playing Alongside Rutgers at the Super Bowl

Since performing at the Super Bowl with the Rutgers University Marching Band, The Pride has been recognized by the Syracuse community, government officials and even popular celebrities. Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer, Chad Smith, for example, tweeted about the SUMB after meeting band members backstage at the Super Bowl.

Chad Smith Closeup

Chad Smith With the SUMB

After the Super Bowl, The New York State Senate recognized The Pride for its recent accomplishments. Check out the legislative resolution it made to commend the band. The media has also recognized the SUMB. News of its Super Bowl journey has made many a headline. Relive it through photos, video footage and articles found in the links below.

SUMB Photo from The New Yorker

What’s Next

In two short months, SUMBand camp will begin, and the members of the Pride will start learning a handful of awesome new productions. They will have the chance to perform them both at home and on the road. In September, the SUMB will return to New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium for an SU football game against Notre Dame. Then in October, the band will travel to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to face Pitt. The 2014 football schedule is sure to be full of high-energy games.

Stands Pic

Being a member of The Pride this year will mean a lot of things: you’ll provide a source of school spirit for the Orange Nation, travel to special events free of charge and watch live football games from a piece of prime real estate. Being a member of The Pride will also mean you’ll have a chance to be part of something big— something so big you’ll tell your granchildren about it the way band alumni have for years. Why? It’s not just because you’ll have made music in front of 40,00-plus fans each home game, but because you’ll have made fun memories doing what you love with some of the finest ladies and gents in the land.

Color Guard on the Quad

SU, ESF, LeMoyne College and Onondaga Community College students are eligible to participate in The Pride of the Orange. Previous marching experience is not required, and it’s easy to join. Fill out a performance opportunity form to receive more information about the band and/ or enroll. If playing an instrument or spinning a flag is your thing, then joining the band is one of the best choices you can make, especially at this point in SUMB history.

There ain’t nothin’ finer in 2014.


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