Psyched for the Upcoming Season: Veteran Perspectives

Hello From Meredith Martin, Class of 2015

Meredith Martin

Hey there, 2014 Pride!

My name is Meredith Martin, and I’m a senior who’s excited to be back for my fourth season with the SUMB. Fun fact about me: I’m from New Holland, Pennsylvania, which is smack dab in the middle of Amish Country (no, I’m not Amish, so don’t ask). This season, I’ll be returning to the leadership team as one of the band’s trumpet section leaders. Outside of marching band, I’m involved with the Sour Sitrus Society and Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service fraternity on campus. I’m also pursuing a degree in biology and an Integrated Learning Major in forensic science.

My favorite part about being a member of the SUMB is definitely the great opportunities we get to show people what we are made of. Whether we are performing the “Thriller” dance at band competitions or performing pregame show for the crowd at the Super Bowl, we have certainly gotten some great opportunities that only happen maybe once in a lifetime.

Like last marching season, this season is going to be one to remember. I can’t wait to spend my final year of marching band working with all of the great members of the SUMB. I also look forward to getting to know the new faces on the field. I bet this season will be our best yet. As a senior, I’m thrilled to be going out with a bang.


Greetings From Jason Deal, Class of 2017

Jason Deal


I’m Jason Deal, a sophomore international relations major and trombone “extraordinaire,” from Naperville, Illinois. I cannot wait to be back in the Dome to get started on what I’m sure will be another unforgettable year with the SUMB!

The basics about me: I’m a proud Puerto Rican, I have an obsession with shows like 30 Rock and Survivor, I’m pretty into those “Just Dance” games, I want to travel the world and get lost, I’m a future Amazing Race champion, and I crave adventure.

And I suppose that’s why I joined the SUMB and am coming back for more: it’s an adventure. Being a member of The Pride is certainly hard work— but what good adventure isn’t? This marching season, the time that goes in will come out as a fulfilling reward, and that’s a promise. When it all came together on my very first game day, that’s when I realized how special The Pride is. Between the quad show, march over, run-on, pre-game, stands, and halftime, I knew I was in for one heck of an adventure with a great group of people.

This organization is like nothing else; to put it simply, it’s a home away from home. From the beginning, you immerse yourself into a new community that is larger than life—and it’s honestly like nothing I’ve ever experienced. With just one year under my belt, I can say I’ve truly learned a lot about myself and who I am, I’ve met phenomenal people who challenge me to be my best self, and I have made memories that are priceless. Not many people can say that they’ve danced to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” during a halftime show and have performed at venues such as Reliant Stadium, MetLife Stadium, the Super Bowl and who knows where else we end up in the upcoming years!

I’m pumped for another season full of adventures!


Words of Wisdom From Shaun Kinney, Class of 2016

Shaun Kinney

Hi, everyone:

My name is Shaun Kinney, and I am music instructor for this year’s tuba section.

I grew up in Mexico, New York, just about 45 minutes north of Syracuse. I have been participating in marching band since sixth grade. Due to the size of my school’s music program at the time, the marching band allowed younger students to join to boost numbers. While it may seem like I came to SU with a lot of experience, my high school marching band only participated in parades in nearby areas so joining the SUMB was quite the new experience for me!

As I move into my final two years as an undergrad, I look back at all the good times I have had and look forward to the many more fun memories I will make. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the SUMB. The opportunities it has given me (such as going to the Super Bowl!) have been priceless.

Although I choose to spend a lot of my time at SU with The Pride, surprisingly, I have a life outside of band. I am a junior music industry major in the Setnor School of Music, and my principal instrument of study is tuba. This past summer I had the privilege of interning at Subcat Studios, a recording studio in downtown Syracuse. I was able to experience work that fit right into my major and had a wonderful time doing so and making friends and connections along the way. Even though the winters in Syracuse may be harsh, the summers are gorgeous! Perfect weather for hanging out with friends on the porch while the grill is cookin’ and lawn game classics such as corn hole and washers are being played. I highly recommend spending a summer in Syracuse if you ever get the chance.

Though I had a great summer, I’m eager to kick off this fall’s marching season. I am excited to be a part of the leadership and can’t wait to see what the season has in store!


Senior Reflection From Caysie Myers, Class of 2015

Caysie Myers Hello!

My name is Caysie Myers, and I am one of the SUMB colorguard section leaders and also a sister of the band service sorority, Tau Beta Sigma. I am originally from a little rural town in Pennsylvania called Chambersburg. I am a senior in the Maxwell School, majoring in international relations. I spent the last semester in Istanbul, Turkey, which I can easily say was one of the best experiences of my life.

This will be my fourth year in the SUMB and my ninth year total of doing marching band. It’s crazy to think how time has flown by so quickly. Throughout the years, the SUMB has been an integral part of my college experience. To be honest, I was never a big fan of marching band in high school; I only did it to stay in colorguard and ride out the time until the competitive winterguard season began. I had assumed I would have to give up colorguard once I started college, but when I found out that Syracuse had a marching band with a colorguard, my heart was stolen within seconds.

Being part of The Pride has been an amazing journey. I never would have expected I would have so many opportunities, such as performing in Canada and at a Buffalo Bills game. This marching band has turned out to be one of the highlights of my college career. It has provided me with the best friends I could ever ask for along with amazing experiences. I look forward to what will come this season, even though it will be a bittersweet end for me as a senior band member.


Hi From Jon “Turtle” Trudell, Class of 2016

Jon "Turtle" Trudell

Hi, all! Here’s a bit about me…

My Nickname: Turtle

Class Rank: Junior

Major: Music Industry with Performance Honors (Percussion)

Hometown: Walpole, Massachusetts

Section: Drumline

Instrument: Snare

My experiences with the SUMB have given me the opportunity to grow both as a person and a musician. The drumline was the first group of people I met on campus two years ago when I joined the SUMB. They quickly became my first friends as well. Over the past two years, I have had the chance to do what I love: play percussion and make music— all with a cool group of friends. From traveling to Canada and MetLife Stadium to performing at a Buffalo Bills game and Super Bowl XLVIII, being a member of The Pride has given me the chance to visit amazing performance venues across the Northeast. It has also given me the chance to become a better musician. By putting in the time and effort needed to improve as a band, other Pride members and I have ultimately had a more enjoyable band experience because we look and sound that much better. Getting noticed for that has been pretty sweet, too! One reason I’m looking forward to the coming season is because we will continue to raise the bar.



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