Four Fabulous Flutes

With just 10 weeks left until the beginning of band camp,band members new and old are anxiously awaiting the return of the marching band season. The annual SUMB “Orange Peel” newsletter was distributed to both prospective members and returning members.  Didn’t receive the publication? Not to worry! You can find it here.

Through the combined efforts of many members of the Pride, we were also able to release our 2015 recruitment video showing why YOU should join the SUMB. Check it out here!

This week on our SUMBlog, we check out our four fabulous flute section leaders!

Name: Katie Canete Katie_Canete
Year: Sophomore
Major: Music and the Entertainment Industries in the Bandier Program
Hometown: New Providence, NJ
Position: Flute Section Leader
Favorite thing about marching band: Getting to know about 200 awesome people before you even set foot in your first class
Favorite activity outside of band: Working on the staff of 20 Watts Music Magazine!
Veteran tip for band camp/school: Don’t be afraid to get involved in anything and everything you’re interested in. Also-remember to smile. 🙂
What are you doing this summer? This summer, I’m doing some work at Primary Wave Music in Manhattan, and then I’m going on a 6-week tour with various rock/pop bands around the Northeast and Midwest.
What superpower do you wish you had and why? I wish I had the ability to manipulate/freeze time… Aka for those times that I procrastinate and need to get things done!
How much do we have to pay you to eat a bowl of crickets? That depends on if the crickets are alive or dead…. A bowl of live crickets? You couldn’t pay me to eat those. Dead ones? I’d request a hefty price of $241,908.63.

Name: Amanda GreenbackerAmanda_Greenbacker
Year: Junior (oh God, oh no, I’m old!)
Major: Music Education
Hometown: Bristol, CT
Position: Flute Music Instructor
Favorite thing about marching band: The quad show! I think it’s the most fun thing we do!
Favorite activity outside of band: We do things outside of band..? Just kidding! I love to watch nerdy british television and horror movies.
Veteran tip for band camp/school: Make time for yourself. Schedule 20 minutes in to just sit back, relax, and drink a cup of coffee or watch an episode of Bob’s Burgers. Trust me, it will make or break your mental health!
Favorite Summer Band: The Rolling Stones, forever and always! ❤
Dinner with anyone: Dave Grohl, hands down. I think he’d be a riot!
Where IS Waldo? He’s in Rome. I swear to God, I saw him there in February on Spring Break!

Name: Ashley OgasawaraAshley_Ogasawara
Year: Senior
Major: Computer Art & Animation
Hometown: Corona, California
Position: Flute Section Leader
Favorite thing about marching band: The camaraderie, oh, and our quad shows. (:
Favorite activity outside of band: Knitting cat sweaters while taking long walks on the beach.
Veteran tip for band camp/school: Don’t eat a full meal before the ‘fun run.’ Don’t worry, you’ll understand.
What’s your spirit animal? An otter
What fictional world would you most like to live in? I’d be a hobbit living in the Shire, hairy feet and all.
What’s your dream job? A VFX artist for Industrial Light & Magic

Name: Jenna StangoJenna_Stango
Year: Senior
Major: Music Education and Flute Performance Honors
Hometown: Scranton, PA
Position: Flute music instructor
Favorite thing about marching band: Being apart of something collaborative that is bigger than yourself
Favorite activity outside of band: Playing chamber music with friends
Veteran tip for band camp/school: MANAGE YOUR TIME WELL. This is the hardest lesson to learn Freshman year. It is all too easy to get overwhelmed if you procrastinate. For band camp, talk to anyone and everyone. Many of the people you meet during band camp will be your closest friends for the rest of college. Everyone is going through the same thing, so there is no reason to be shy! 🙂
What are you listening to this summer/favorite summer band? Stevie Wonder
If you could have dinner with any person, living or dead, who would it be? Beethoven- he is my favorite composer, and I’d love to pick his brain about his intentions with some of his pieces.
What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? Candied durian fruit- it’s an Asian fruit that is known as the smelliest fruit in the world. In Thailand, it’s actually illegal to bring it in public because of its smell.



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