Flags Flying High – The Color Guard

In addition to the winds, brass, and percussion, the SUMB has a color guard. This section provides visual accent and, in essence, makes the band look good. The color guard also contains the Orange Girl, a featured twirler, Junior Meghan Sinisi. Get to know these sparkling faces in this week’s Section Leader Spotlight!

Name: Rachel NovotnyRachel_Novotny1
Year: Junior
Major: Marketing
Hometown: Amsterdam, NY
Position: Color Guard Section Leader
Favorite thing about marching band: The family you gain. This is my 7th band camp and each year gets better and better because you get to meet more people with a common interest. Some of my best friends are also members of my marching band family.
Favorite activity outside of band: Ordering food from Grubhub.
Veteran tip for band camp/school: Enjoy ever second, it goes by unbelievably fast. Take time to step back and breathe and really enjoy who you’re with and where you are.
What are you doing this summer? I have a marketing internship with a summer collegiate baseball team in my hometown, The Amsterdam Mohawks.
Who’s your celebrity crush? Taylor Kitsch
If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Orange​

Paige_PaluchName: Paige Paluch
Year: Senior
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Corning, NY
Position: Color Guard Section Leader
Favorite thing about marching band: Quad shows!
Favorite activity outside of band: Volunteering/service
Veteran tip for band camp/school: Get lots of sleep before band camp rehearsals!
What are you listening to this summer/favorite summer band? Ed Sheeran! I am seeing him in concert in June
What would you do if you won the lottery? Pay off my student loans!
What’s your dream job? BCBA- I want to be a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. I love applied behavior analysis and working with children with autism and other developmental disorders



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