Drumline: The Heartbeat of the Band

One of the greatest things about the SUMB is that every member gets the chance to march to the beat of their own drum. When we are on the field, though, we need to all work together as one functioning unit. To help us, we rely on the drumline! With marching cymbals, bass drums, snare drums, and the tenor drums, this section is the most diverse. From their special Quad show performance to breaking lights in Manley field house, this section never fails to keep the band moving! Check out the drumline section leaders today!

Name: Megan Jordan Megan_Jordan
Year: Junior
Major: Music Industry
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Position: Cymbal Line Section Leader
Favorite thing about marching band: Cooperation: between members, sections, and leadership, cooperation is what makes the SUMB function at such a high caliber and brings us together on a personal level as well.
Favorite activity outside of band: Hanging out with friends!
Veteran tip for band camp/school: Don’t forget to sleep. Seriously.
What are you doing this summer? This summer I’m working with the Jazz festival in Aspen, CO as part of an internship for my degree program. I get to see acts including Chicago, Wynton Marsalis, CHIC & Nile Rodgers, and Kacey Musgraves. Getting to be immersed in the live music business is an incredible experience, but I can’t wait to get back out there and be performing with the SUMB this Fall!
If you could have dinner with any person, living or dead, who would it be? George Washington (& Austin Merullo)

Name: Luke LoftusLuke_Loftus
Year: Senior
Major: Biochemistry and Neuroscience
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Position: Drumline Section Leader
Favorite thing about marching band:  Quad Show Performance Favorite activity outside of band: basketball and soccer
Veteran tip for band camp/school: Both college and marching band are going to teach you to focus your efforts. Learn to do that early on and you’ll be successful
What would be written on your tombstone? ‘Mosey don’t hustle’
What are you listening to this summer? Marvin Gaye, Wale, Bill Laurance

Name: Joshua Aaron McClearyJosh_McCleary
Year: Sophomore
Major: Neuroscience/CSD minor cognitive science
Hometown: Lexington, KY
Position: Snare Section Leader
Favorite thing about marching band: Playing eight seven at the start of every practice
Favorite thing outside of band: Playing basketball and weightlifting
Veteran tip for band camp/schoolSmile and talk to people outside your section even if it’s just a little.
Who’s your celebrity crush? Mariah Carey
You can only eat one food for the rest of your life- what would it be? Shrimp gumbo
What’s your dream job? Neurologist or orthopedic surgeon

1801217_705855476158281_5508997006493293097_oName: Sammy Jennings
Year: Senior
Major: Music Industry
Position: Drumline section leader



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