Our Fearless Leader

This time next week, the 2015 Section Leaders will be in the Dome preparing for an amazing band camp and an amazing season. Despite the hustle and bustle of preparing SU for the band, the social media team was able to get through to Mr. Mertz and ask him a few questions.
Name: Prof. Justin Mertz10678777_701251909951971_4020372420167516263_n
Year: Waaaay past that question, but this is my 11th year as Director of the Pride
Major: I am finishing my Doctor of Musical Arts in Music Education at Boston University
Hometown: Massapequa, NY
Position: Director
Favorite thing about marching band: Without question, it is the sense of purpose and community that builds in the SUMB every season.
Favorite activity outside of band: Video games!
Veteran tip for band camp/school: For band: be open-minded to new people and experiences.  If you do, you’ll be successful with the band stuff, and you’ll quickly become part of the community.  For school: manage your time.  Seriously, manage your time.  SUMB is a big time commitment, but it is more than feasible—in fact, you will do better than everyone else on campus—IF you manage your time proactively.  This means: get ahead on your work, don’t procrastinate, and get help when you don’t understand something.  If you do these things, you will not only do well, but you’ll have time left over for some fun.  Lastly, always do the reading.
What are you doing this summer? Working on my dissertation, preparing for the 2015 season of the Pride, hanging out with my wife, and playing video games (Witcher 3!).
What superpower do you wish you had and why? Flight.  Because flight.  Who wouldn’t want that?
How much do we have to pay you to eat a bowl of crickets? Wait, I could’ve gotten paid for that?!?!? (Kidding. It would have to be a lot; this is gross)
What would you put on your perfect pizza? This implies the existence of “imperfect pizza,” and I have no interest in living in a world that would allow such a thing to be.
What fictional world would you most like to live in? Without a doubt, on the Starship Enterprise.  Any version, except if I was serving with Captain Kirk I’d be sure not to wear a red shirt.
Where IS Waldo? In his dot on Chart 6 waiting for everyone else to get there so we can do the rep.
If you were a crayon, what color would you be? ORANGE.  Duh.
What would be written on your tombstone? Think.  Play.  Pants.


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