SUMBand Camp: Live!

IMG_5404Coming to you live from the Carrier Dome, it’s the 2015 SUMB! With one day of band camp left, the Pride is preparing for a day of performances during Syracuse University’s Welcome Weekend. The Pride will be participating in events such as New Student Convocation and the annual Home to the Dome.

Through the action-packed, music filled, 12 hour days, members of the Social Media team were able to meet up with some of the newest members of the SUMB. Hailing from as close to home as Camillus and as far as Leipzig, Germany, these new members are excited and proud to be a part of the band.

Friday, August 21 was the first day of band camp for rookie members in the winds and brass sections. As they bid farewell to their families and filed onto the field, rookies were met by the SUMB leadership on the turf. Alana Franceski, a freshman in the flute section, remarks that, “When we first got on the turf and saw the section leaders standing at parade rest, it was intimidating and amazing. I kind of got chill from the first call to attention.” As the Dome rang with shouts of “Pride!” the new members’ first SUMBand camp was officially underway. Franceski, who had never marched before this season, is excited to learn new things and travel with the band.11894539_879019822175178_5098691406325331553_o

Bridget Slomian and Dina-Marie Weineck, new additions to the clarinet section, are excited to see what the 2015 season holds. Slomian describes her first interactions with the SUMB as “very intense.” However, she is able to keep pace and is happily learning the music and moves that make the Pride pop. Weineck, a freshman student in the Bandier program, did not know what to expect, explaining “Germany has no marching bands. I was curious at how to make all the shapes. We just got the dot sheets and it worked!” For Weineck, the transition into band was immediate. The Carrier Dome was one of her first stops on campus! Weineck remarks on her first impression, saying “I came into the stadium and thought ‘Wow!’ It [the band] felt very inviting and I didn’t feel like a new member.”


The band has learned their pregame show, including the high intensity run-on sequence. Freshman sousaphone player Erik Whalen is enthusiastic. “Run-on pumps me up! It feels exciting!” he says with a smile. Run-on is not the only thing he’s excited for though. Erik was originally thrown off by new vocal commands. Now he loves to shout loud!

Drum major Maria Savannah agrees that the band is progressing at new speeds. In general, she sees a positive and great general attitude among the band. She notes that the band morale is up from previous years, saying the combined attitude of rookie and veteran members is creating a wonderful and productive environment.

The 2015 season of the Pride is looking bright! Make sure to come see all of their hard work at the first home football game on Friday, September 4 in the Carrier Dome as Syracuse takes on Rhode Island.



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