Road to the Final Four

This weekend both the Syracuse Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams head towards the NCAA’s Final Four tournament! Accompanying the women in Indianapolis and the men in Houston will be none other than the SUMB’s sister band, the Sour Sitrus Society! Take an inside look at what some our band members have to say on their experiences at the tournament!


Senior Michael Ferrara, Alto Saxophone: It’s really cool to be in the stadium and to know that the fate of the team is the same as your own. To know that if they win you get to watch more basketball and have more fun cheering for them. It’s really fun being at a tournament and going nuts cheering for the Orange even if you are one of the few fans cheering for them like right before halftime during our game against Middle Tennessee. My experiences were incredible and I’m so happy I got the chance to take part in every second of it. Probably the greatest memories I will have from this experience so far came from the closing minutes of our game against UVA. When we took the lead it was incredible, the crowd reminded me of a sold out crowd at the Dome. When we won, after we had came back, I was so overcome with excitement and disbelief. The end of that game was one of the most incredible things I had ever seen, and I never even dreamed that I would ever watch the team cut down the net. I’m just so happy I have had the opportunity to enjoy the team’s success. I can’t wait to go to the Final Four, GO ORANGE!!!!


Sophomore Brianna Holzman, Mellophone: Whether it’s close to school or across the country, having the ability to travel with the basketball teams is something special. It can be hard not having the thousands of fans behind you, like you do in the Dome. You have to cover multiple roles, being one of the team’s number 1 fans and cheering them on, all while playing your heart out to create an energized atmosphere. I love having the opportunity to travel with my friends to new places, cheering on our basketball teams, and occasionally seeing pictures of us from on TV! I’m so glad I have the chance to be at the Men’s Final Four this weekend in Houston, TX. Our schedule is full and it’ll be a lot of work, but I’m positive that the game on Saturday is going to be one of the most memorable parts of my college career.sitrus2

Sophomore Marisa Frigoletto, Baritone: When I joined the Sour Sitrus Society, I was under the impression that I was just another member of another basketball band.  But I was wrong.  I am a part of something bigger than myself.  

Since joining Sitrus, I’ve travelled to Washington D.C., Chicago, and now Houston.  I’ve eaten some awesome food and done some pretty cool touristy things. I’ve sat front row for some of the most incredible basketball games I have ever seen (that UVA game was insane!).  I’ve appeared on national television multiple times.  Heck, I got recognized at the mall the other day by a store manager as the “crazy band girl with orange hair.”

While these are all incredible reasons to love Sitrus, the reason I love it most is seeing how many fans of the Orange are actually out there.  When you’re stuck in Syracuse for months at a time, you’re constantly surrounded by a sea of orange.  I did not expect that large sea to travel with me on these events, but everywhere I have travelled, I have passed multiple people on the streets of these cities sporting Orange gear.  I have had multiple conversations with people about how they drove a ridiculous amount of miles just to see the Orange play in the tournament.  Knowing that there were about ten thousand people in the United Center cheering for the Orange meant that I had something in common with ten thousand people in one room, and I think that is pretty incredible.

Make sure to cheer on our Men’s team Saturday, April 2 at 8:49pm and our Women’s team Sunday, April 3 at 8:30pm!




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