Did Somebody Ring?

*Ring*Ring*Ring* Who is it?? Alto SaxoPHONES and MelloPHONES!? Today, we are ~calling~ upon this year’s alto and mellophone section leaders. Get to know them by reading below!


Name: Matt Dupuis

Year: Junior

Majors: Marketing and EEEMatt Dupuis

Hometown: Northbridge, MA

Position and Section: Mellophone Section Leader

Favorite Thing about Band: It’s an escape in many ways. Great people. Great Music. Plus it gives me a reason to put off going to the gym… “It’s a game week, I guess I don’t NEED to go”

Favorite Activity Outside of Band: Rooting for the Red Sox and playing Forza Motorsport

Veteran Tip for Band Camp: Try to rely less and less on your flipbook as camp, and the season, goes by. The more stands music you’re able to memorize, the more fun you’re able to have while playing it. Plus it comes in handy when Sitrus rolls around

Coke or Pepsi?: Seltzer pls

Guilty Pleasure Song: “Beauty School Dropout” from Grease


Name: Sean MacKellar

Year: Junior

Major: Finance, Information Management and Technology, Real Estate

Hometown: Orange County, CaliforniaSean Mackellar.JPG

Position and Section: Alto Sax Section leader

Favorite thing about marching band: The people

Favorite activity outside of band: Reading

Veteran tip for band camp/school: It’s all for fun and all your decisions

What’s your favorite viral video? Duke Dumont- the Giver (Reprise)

Who do you want to write the biography of your life? Stephen King

What’s your guilty pleasure song? When Grow Up-Mayday Parade


Name: Brianna (Bri) Holzman

Year: Senior

Major: Music Industry with Performance Honors

Hometown: Davie, FLBrianna Holzman.jpg

Position and Section: Mellophone Music Instructor

Favorite thing about marching band: Quad shows, traveling, free food, and getting to do that with my closest friends

Favorite activity outside of band: Petting dogs, porch sitting, and going on new adventures

Veteran tip for band camp/school: There’s no other group on campus where you can say “I made 200 friends on my first day.” It may actually take a while to meet all 200, but you’ll have at least one other person in your major who you can study with, find out who the good professors are, ask for help from. Definitely utilize them.

Describe your section in 6 words: Someone’s probably going up the octave.

What’s your favorite viral video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtpK9uxTZhE(good luck getting that out of your head)

Describe your life in 6 words: No, my name is not Brittany (yes, people swap my name for this name–numerous times)



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