Tips and Tricks for a Successful Season

Wowee!! Is it really almost time for band camp? We can’t wait for this incredible season. Take a break from your packing and check out some tips and tricks from our veteran members. They are excited to meet you and hit the ground running!


Definitely get to know everyone in your section but also don’t be afraid to meet people in all the other sections during meal times, breaks, etc. Everyone in the band is super welcoming and excited to meet all the new members! And water, drink lots of water.” – Megan Swanson, Senior, Advertising and Information Management & Technology 

“Bring a fan for your dorm room. Band camp week is HOT.” – Kate McHugh, Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering

14445066_1106991246044700_9015436104988912329_o.jpg“My advice would be to trust your section leaders and upperclassmen. The SUMB will be a whole new experience and a lot different from high school band so follow their lead and ask them any questions you may have because they’ll always help.” – Jake Cobb, Junior, Construction Management

“Talk to anyone and everyone. Every single person in band is so easy to get along with and it makes it so much of an easier transition if people know who you are and you have a group of friends right off the bat.” – Evan Lewis, Junior, Physics

“If you’ve never marched before, don’t worry. All members of the band are very patient and will m


ake an effort to help you out. You’ll get the hang of it in no time!” – Rob Schepis, Junior, Sound Recording Technology

“Don’t let the thought of band camp/college overwhelm you. The transition is smoother than you’d think.” -Kevin K. Quinn, Junior, International Relations and German Language, Literature, and Culture

“Take care of yourself: sleep, wear good shoes, drink water, and pack little snacks. I used to take stuff with me from the dining hall all the time.” – Dreya Cherry, Senior, Music Industry and Music History & Cultures

“Band is a place you are able to leave any and all other stresses behind. You’re allowed to have fun and you have so many of your closest friends there to help make it such. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and remember, we’ve all been in a place where we didn’t know anyone. Everything will turn out great.”  – Bri Holzman, Senior, Music Industry

“Tip #1) MEET EVERYONE and make so many new friends! Everyone is in the SUMB because they love Syracuse and music … so do it together! Talk to different sections, upperclassmen – everyone. You never know where you might meet your best friends/ future roommates / or other people in your major. We spend so much time together that we minus well be one big, happy family!


Tip #2: People WILL think you’re cool. Being in the SUMB is a privilege and gives you the right to shout out your love for Syracuse literally – whenever. Others

on campus think our organization is really cool, so be loud and proud about the SUMB!

#3: For band camp … Learn whatever you can. No matter your ability level, there will always be better marchers/players than you … so strive for perfection! But, of course, have fun while doing so. ” – Sophie Estep, Sophomore, Public Relations/Information Management and Technology

“Make sure to follow The Pride on Facebook, Twitter, and right here on the SUMblog. Use #NothinFiner to stay in the conversation!” – Your Social Media Team



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