Orange is the New Fast…and so is the Pride

You’ve probably heard…Orange is the new fast! And it’s not just the football team. With three football games in three weeks, the Pride has been working hard since August.


Band camp started with a bang! With our new director Dr. Diem at the helm, the band moved quickly. With the help of our leadership team, our rookie members were marching within a few days. When vets arrived on August 19th, we treated our newest members to a mini-quad show in the Dome before coming together as the 2017-2018 Syracuse University Marching Band.

5 short days later, and the band had our Pregame and first Halftime Show complete, not to mention a total of 4 welcome week performances. As our beloved Hendricks steps were under renovation, we took the steps of Carnegie Library for our quad shows. Don’t worry, it didn’t change our dance moves or fan-favorite songs! To celebrate Sir Paul McCartney’s upcoming Dome show, we performed hits from his career including “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” “With a Little Help From My Friends,”  “Eleanor Rigby,”  “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds,” and “Live and Let Die.” For last week’s show, we added in “Hey Jude.”

20900734_1434069556670199_8804837426941640870_oHere what our newest members have to say about their first month at Syracuse and in the SUMB:

“It was such a nice thing to come into school and realize I had all of these people who were here who wanted to be friends with myself and all the other incoming freshman. Everyone was so welcoming and everyone is so lovely! I like all the people in marching band!”  – Julie Coggiola, Clarinet

“Coming into a university as a freshman can be terrifying but the SUMB has made the transition extremely welcoming and fun. Its really special being able to say only a week into college you already have a family.” – Brandon Bauer, Tenor Sax

“It’s been a really wonderful experience meeting new people and getting to learn something new. My high school didn’t have a marching band so it’s been a really great opportunity to be able to do that.” – Caity Krueger, Flute

“It’s been great getting to make so many new friends while doing the thing that we all love. It’s like joining a new family.” – Christian Jaquay



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