Who’s Ready for Band Camp 2k18!?

Hello SUMBlog readers! August is finally here and the SUMB is preparing to head back up to the Cuse for Band Camp! In just a couple of weeks, the 2018 Leadership team will be meeting in the Dome to kick off another exciting football (and marching) season!

The returning veterans and staff are SO excited because they’re anxious to meet their new band-family members! To help the rookies get used to who’s going to be leading them this season, the SUMBlog will be posting spotlights on the 2018 Section Leaders. The Section Leaders are some of the first faces the SUMB newcomers will see on campus. They burst with Orange pride and are excited to show you that there’s truly #NothinFiner in the land!

Up first, we have Kevin Quinn! Kevin is a senior Tuba section leader.  Hailing from Cicero, NY, Kevin spent the previous semester studying abroad at The University of 


Freiburg in Germany and traveling around Central Europe. According to Kevin, a fun
memory from the semester “has to be from when I got stranded in the middle-of-no-where-Schwaben by the Deutsche Bahn. I was on my way back from a weekend in Nürnberg and all of the sudden, the train just stopped and told everyone to get off… What was supposed to be a 4 hour trip had turned into 7 hours. Luckily, each of us got to our homes.” Some Band Camp advice Kevin has to offer is to mentally prepare yourself for the heat inside of the Dome. Despite being named after an air-conditioning company, there is no air-conditioning in that building!



Up next, we have Charlie Goldberg! Charlie is a Tenor Saxophonist from Mansfield, MA.  He spent his summer enjoying fishing trips with friends, working for a real estate unnamed-2.jpgsyndicate, cheering on the Boston Red Sox and perfecting his watch tan.  Charlie recently took a hiatus from social media, which he says “feels pretty good. You don’t notice how much time you spend scrolling until you give it up.”  However, his Instagram account @goldbergfoodquest is thriving as he looks for the hottest takes on food.  Charlie’s advice for incoming SUMBand Camp Rookies is that “it is easier to deal with the blazing heat of band camp when you are in shape vs. being out of shape. It’s not too late to perfect that summer bod.”

Make sure to check back here every day to meet more of your 2018 Section Leaders!


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