Trumpet Tuesday!

On this lovely Tuesday, we are going to introduce the remaining trumpet ladies on the 2018 Section Leader team!

First, we have Sarah Perrino! Sarah is from Wallingford, CT. Over the summer, she has been eating a lot of ice cream at her first job (ice cream parlor) and drinking a lot of coffee at her second job (Dunkin’ Donuts). Other than that, she has gone to the beach, seen a few concerts, and binge watched Hulu. Sarah’s best advice for band camp is to wear comfy shoes, stretch, and relax when you can because band camp will kick your butt!

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 1.21.05 PM.png

Second, we have Cooper Klares! Cooper is from Katonah, NY in Westchester. Over the summer, she worked as an office assistant and also went to the beach (and got a really bad farmers tan). If Cooper could give advice to incoming freshman, it would be to drink lots of water, have fun, and don’t forget to tie your shoes!


T-7 days until our Section Leaders move back to campus to get ready for Band Camp!


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