T-Minus Eight Days!!

T-minus eight days until all of our Rookies come to campus for the first time! Until then… more Section Leader Spotlights!

First, we have Emma Walen! Emma is a drumline section leader and is from Bloomsbury, NJ. This summer, Emma spent a few weeks in Florida before returning to Syracuse to work on her bio research project. Also, she’s been binge watching Criminal Minds! If Emma could advice to Rookies, it would be to branch out and talk to as many people in as many sections as possible.  It’s so important to make friends within the band because you’ll be with these people for the rest of your college time!

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 3.14.10 PM.png

Next, we have Jamed Kamara! Jamed is a Sousaphone section leader from Alexandria, VA. Jamed spent his summer in Alexandria working two internships: one at the tech department at his old school as a SOL testing technician, and the other as a Program Assistant at the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth in Alexandria. Jamed’s advice for incoming freshman is to be prepared for each day, stay focused and get to know others both in and out of your section. Also, remember to have fun!



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