Let’s Add Some Color!

Only a few days left until Band Camp starts! Today’s Section Leader Spotlight will be a little more ~colorful~ than normal…

First, we have Danielle Annino! Danielle is from Whippany, NJ and one of the color guard section leaders! This summer, she worked as a Marketing Intern for GroupM in New York City and is currently in Disney World! Some advice for incoming freshman would be to say yes to everything! There are so many opportunities both in the SUMB and on-campus, and it’s important to take advantage of each and every one!

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Next, we have Caroline Groome! Caroline is from Roseland, NJ and the other color guard section leader. This summer, she worked as a lifeguard for her third summer. If Caroline could give advice to rookies, she would tell them to get to know the other rookies. Band camp is such a great time to meet new people!

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Flute Friday!

T-3 days until students start showing up for Band Camp! Luckily, we have a few more Section Leader Spotlights to do for you! And tonight, we are talking about some lovely ladies from the flute section!

First, we have Gabby Sanft! Gabby is from Port Washington, NY. This summer, she took a sociology class. Also, she performed in a community band, which performed sunset concerts every Friday in July. On top of that, she did some traveling! If Gabby could give advice to freshman, she would say to never be afraid to ask questions or admit you don’t understand something! Band camp may be overwhelming at first, but there will be so many supportive people around to help you get through it. Utilize all of them, because you will find that they are incredibly eager to help you with anything and everything.

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Second is Alyssa Pizzi! Alyssa is from Conshohocken, PA. This summer, Alyssa was an intern at C&S Companies, an engineering consulting company in Syracuse. Also, she spent lots of time outdoors seeing  family and friends. If Alyssa could give advice to new band members, it would be to come with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn and constantly improve. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s all totally worth it when it comes together on game day. Also – introduce yourself to lots of people, even if they’re not in your section!

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Finally, we have Elaina Palada! Elaina is from Gilbertsville, NY. In June, she returned from studying abroad in Strasbourg, France. After a few days at home, she started working at the Eastern U.S. Music Camp as assistant girl’s dorm head. Other than that, she’s been hanging out with friends and family and getting ready to go back to Cuse! If Elaina could give advice to new students, it is to not be afraid to reach out whenever you have questions! Also, be prepared to find pieces of turf in everything you own.

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T-Minus Eight Days!!

T-minus eight days until all of our Rookies come to campus for the first time! Until then… more Section Leader Spotlights!

First, we have Emma Walen! Emma is a drumline section leader and is from Bloomsbury, NJ. This summer, Emma spent a few weeks in Florida before returning to Syracuse to work on her bio research project. Also, she’s been binge watching Criminal Minds! If Emma could advice to Rookies, it would be to branch out and talk to as many people in as many sections as possible.  It’s so important to make friends within the band because you’ll be with these people for the rest of your college time!

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Next, we have Jamed Kamara! Jamed is a Sousaphone section leader from Alexandria, VA. Jamed spent his summer in Alexandria working two internships: one at the tech department at his old school as a SOL testing technician, and the other as a Program Assistant at the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth in Alexandria. Jamed’s advice for incoming freshman is to be prepared for each day, stay focused and get to know others both in and out of your section. Also, remember to have fun!


Our Pals from the Garden State!

On this Wednesday night, we are going to introduce two Section Leaders from the Garden State!

Up first, we have Evan Lewis! Evan is from Freehold, NJ. This summer, Evan has been hanging out in the ‘Cuse. He was working in a physics lab (basically training to be a mad scientist, ofc) and also watching “way too much” Jersey Shore. If Evan could give any advice to freshman, it would be to make sure you have a huge reusable water bottle to always have with you. Because, you’re gonna need it! As Evan always says: hydrate or die-drate.

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Also, we have Kimberly Fitzgerald! Kimberly is from Manalapan, NJ. This summer, Kimberly was also working in a lab. She worked with engineers researching the green roof in downtown Syracuse. Additionally, she went camping in the Great Smoky Mountains and Mammoth Cave National Parks. If Kimberly could give any advice to new band members, it would be to invest in some reusable ice packs. Not only do they feel good on your muscles after a long day of marching, but she would tuck them into her sheets and sleep with them, too!

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Trumpet Tuesday!

On this lovely Tuesday, we are going to introduce the remaining trumpet ladies on the 2018 Section Leader team!

First, we have Sarah Perrino! Sarah is from Wallingford, CT. Over the summer, she has been eating a lot of ice cream at her first job (ice cream parlor) and drinking a lot of coffee at her second job (Dunkin’ Donuts). Other than that, she has gone to the beach, seen a few concerts, and binge watched Hulu. Sarah’s best advice for band camp is to wear comfy shoes, stretch, and relax when you can because band camp will kick your butt!

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Second, we have Cooper Klares! Cooper is from Katonah, NY in Westchester. Over the summer, she worked as an office assistant and also went to the beach (and got a really bad farmers tan). If Cooper could give advice to incoming freshman, it would be to drink lots of water, have fun, and don’t forget to tie your shoes!


T-7 days until our Section Leaders move back to campus to get ready for Band Camp!

Media Team Monday!

Happy Monday! We know what will cheer you up from your Monday Blues… more Section Leader Spotlights! And today, we will introduce the rest of our amazing SocialUMediaB team for the 2018 season!

First, we have Sophie Estep! Sophie is from Round Top, NY and a member of the clarinet section. This summer, she spent time with family and friends while working as a waitress/bartender at a local mountain resort! Sophie had so much fun performing with a traditional German dancing group and getting to listen to many different styles of German music. If Sophie could give advice to incoming freshman, she would say to introduce yourself to people in your section, your dorm and even your major. Some new best friends are right around the corner! Also, take advantage of being in one of the BIGGEST, most prideful organizations on campus. You get to celebrate Syracuse and music with your best friends.

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Finally, we have Caitlin Mogan! Caitlin is an alto sax from Wakefield, MA. Caitlin was a world traveler this summer, starting off in South Africa with SU Abroad. She worked with a local nonprofit for three weeks to implement a drug awareness program for teens in the area. Then, Caitlin was off to Texas for a leadership convention for Alpha Gamma Delta sorority! Most recently, she was on a trip with her extended family. They drove 35+ hours in a week and a half to see Yellowstone, Grand Teton and parts of Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado. Caitlin’s advice to freshman: Don’t overthink it! Band camp is hard work, but also a lot of fun. Getting stressed about being perfect won’t get you anywhere, but having a positive attitude and giving it your all will pay off!

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New week? More SUMBlog posts!

Up first, we got Elliot Pippin.  Elliot is a Section Leader from the trombone section.  Elliot spent the summer in his hometown of Meadville, PA. There, he hung out with his friends and his cats while counting down the days until band camp! Elliot’s advice for incoming rookies is to bring water backpacks (available at your local Walmart).  This way, you dont have to run to get your water because it’s right there on your back!

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 2.42.35 PM.png

Next, we have Chelsea Siegal! Chelsea is a trumpet Section Leader and one of the SocialUMediaB team leaders for 2018. From Port Washington, NY (on Lawn Guyland), she spent her summer interning for the Elmira Pioneers collegiate baseball team in Elmira, NY. There, she created video packages of game footage and player interviews. Chelsea’s advice to rookies: get to know your section/fellow band members! There are sooo many great people in the SUMB, so don’t be afraid to start a conversation. When Chelsea was a freshman, some of her closest friends in band were juniors/seniors!