Frequently Asked Questions

My high school didn’t have a marching band- can I still participate in the SUMB?
Yes! We have many members who joined the band with no previous marching experience. Some of them are even on the Leadership Team! When new members arrive at band camp, everyone learns how to march together.

I am a student at SUNY-ESF/Onondaga Community College/LeMoyne College- can I still join the SUMB?
Yes! The band contains members from 4 different colleges. It is one of the things that makes the SUMB unique!

I am not a freshmen/first year student. Can I still join?
Yes! Every year the band welcomes students from a variety of years and colleges.

Do you have to audition to join the band?
Auditions are not required to join the SUMB as a woodwind or brass player. Drumline and colorguard members will audition for placement once they arrive in Syracuse in August.

Do I have to be a music major to be in the band?
Not at all! Over 70% of our marching band members are in a major other than music.

How do I join the band?
Joining the band is simple! Submit the forms found in the annual Orange Peel publication.

I don’t own an instrument – can I rent one from SU?
Alto and Tenor Saxophones, Mellophones, Trumpets, Trombones, Baritones, Sousaphones can all be rented from SU. A 20 dollar rental fee is required. Students can send their payment in with their commitment forms or pay for the instruments at band camp (check/card preferred).

What is there to eat during band camp?
During band camp, one of the most important things (besides drinking water) is to remember to eat. All meals will be accounted for. Dinners and some lunches will be catered by SU Bands. For breakfasts and the remaining lunches, you will receive a SUpercard (declining balance account). The amount will depend on your arrival date. Ernie Davis Dining Hall, West Campus Express, and Schine Dining Center are just a few of the dining areas that take SUperfood money. For a complete list, check the Orange Peel!

How early do I get to campus?
One of the perks of being in the SUMB is you get to move into your dorm before everyone else! While the schedule changes depending on the year, you will arrive approximately a week and a half before the start of classes. Don’t worry – you won’t miss any parts of orientation!

Who will help me move my things into my dorm?
The brothers of KKPsi and sisters of TBS arrive early and help make move-in run as smoothly as possible.

What should I wear to rehearsals? What should I bring to rehearsals?
Marching band is an active ensemble, similar to playing a sport. Wear comfortable sneakers and clothes that you can move around in! Make sure to bring your water bottle, instrument (including cork grease, reeds, valve oil, etc.) , lyre, flipfolio, sunglasses, and any music you may have received to rehearsal each day!

I received the “Orange Peel” in the mail/email. What is it?
The Orange Peel is our yearly publication contains the important dates, introductions from the SUMB staff, and all the  need to know information about the upcoming season! Prospective students who showed previous interest in the band should receive a copy in the mail and returning members through their emails.

I have never heard of the “Orange Peel” before. Where can I find it?
The Orange Peel, along with information about how to join the band, can be found on our blog!

What do I have to do over the summer? Do I need to learn any music?
This summer, all you have to do for the SUMB is get excited for band! All music will be distributed to you at band camp. All band members, veterans and rookies, learn and rehearse the music together. There is no need to worry about obtaining the music ahead of time!

Who is this band buddy who keeps contacting me?
Every student who indicates they are interested in the SUMB receives a “band buddy.” A band buddy is a veteran member of the band who volunteers to help incoming students. Your band buddy can answer any question you may have about the band and help you decide if you want to join the SUMB family!

What if I have a class conflict with the rehearsal schedule?
Most students can avoid having a conflict between band and another class. If a conflict is unavoidable, please contact director Dr. Timothy Diem (twdiem@syr.edu) to work out a plan!

Additional questions can be directed to Fran Moore in the University Bands Office at fmmoore@syr.edu or 315.443.2194.


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